Watch out for knee pain, warning signs of osteoarthritis. 

🔹 Experience knee pain when walking or standing for an extended period. 

🔹 Notice redness and feel a distinct heat around the knee area, and there’s discomfort when lifting the leg. 

🔹 When going up and down stairs, there’s sharp pain around the knee, and lifting the leg is uncomfortable, making daily life challenging. 

🔹 Have limited flexibility in extending the leg fully and experience pain when trying to do so. 

🔹 Hear sounds coming from the knee joint when moving, possibly accompanied by knee pain. 

🔹 When standing with knees close together, it’s apparent that one side is deformed, such as the knee or foot twisting, and there’s an uneven distribution of leg weight.


5 Benefits of Exercising with the Underwater Treadmill “PowerCube”

  1. Buoyancy of water supports body weight, reducing impact on joints and muscles. 
  2. Water resistance from the water-jet system and adjustable speed and incline levels provide a challenging workout, strengthening muscles and improving endurance. 
  3. Water temperature can be adjusted, allowing for warm temperatures that relax and flexibility muscles and joints, similar to a spa, or cooler temperatures for a refreshing workout that aids in burning calories. 
  4. Water pressure promotes better blood circulation, reducing swelling and pain during exercise. 
  5. The combined buoyancy and water resistance enhance balance, flexibility and calorie burning. 


A new alternative for health enthusiasts the underwater treadmill exercise machine (PowerCube) helps reduce impact on joints and muscles, with the buoyancy of water supporting body weight. It’s suitable for:

🔹 Elderly individuals with knee issues or knee pain. 

🔹 Athletes who want to exercise without risking injuries but still maintain fitness. 

🔹 Postoperative patients who need to engage in physical activity. 

🔹People who are injured but want to exercise 

🔹 Individuals with excess weight or obesity, reducing the weight-bearing impact. 

🔹 Pregnant women looking for exercise options. 

🔹 Office workers, those with migraines, or anyone in a sedentary job. 

🔹 Health-conscious individuals looking to exercise without muscle and joint pain. 

🔹 Anyone interested in trying it out, regardless of health conditions.

Moreover, underwater exercise provides relaxation and muscle relief, almost like enjoying a spa in the water.