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Dip Your Body,
    Deep Your Health

Aquatrek creates PowerCube for help you engage to the aquatic environment that you can privately exercise with lowimpact to your joints and body. There is also safety, being able to monitor
movement to prevent accidents.

Therefore, our products will be solution for all age group espectially in aging society that need more strength and
balance to prevent from falling and improve the quality of life.

Benefit of Water Property


The buoyancy of water helps support the user's weight


Challenging workout and improving strength and endurance

Hydrostatic pressure

Reducing legs and arms swelling and boosts flexibility.


Water is conductor of heat and cool, helping blood circulation and relaxation.

Benefit of Water Property

Adjustable Water Depth

0 - 120 cm

Incline adjusted

5 level, up to 10 degrees

Variable Speed

0.3 - 10 km/hr

Inside Dimensions

90 x 175 x 140 cm.

Touchscreen controls

10.1 inchs.

Benefit of Water Property

Product uses

Benefit of PowerCube

Less stress to the joints by using buoyancy in the water.
Relaxing and flexibility muscles and joints through temperature adjustment including Stimulating blood circulation
Develop muscle strength and endurance by using water resistance (Jet-spa) and adjustable speed and incline.
improving balance and movement
safe and comfortable for elder

Product overview