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“Aquatic environment benefits to the human movement in various aspect such as improve muscle strength, enhance movement, improve circulation, balance, and cardiorespiratory. Properties of water consists of viscosity, buoyancy, and hydrostatic pressure that can be used for rehabilitation and also training gait and cardiopulmonary system.”
Dr. Sivaporn Limpaninlachat
Physical Therapist
"The underwater treadmill, Power Cube, makes me feel like I've had an intense workout in a short time. I ran only 2 km. but it feels like I've worked out for 2 hr. and I don't feel any pain. On the other hand, it's so much fun."
Dr. Chumpol Chitrakornt
Specialized veterinarian in the nervous system, bones, and joints
"At first, I thought exercising with the Power Cube wouldn't be much different from walking in the pool. After trying it out, I found that the PowerCube allows for speed control and has handrails for support, making the exercise more effective than walking. I feel tired similar to swimming and muscles get heavy cardio workout but low impact. So I don't feel any pain "
Chinnapat Chin
Trail runner
"Feeling light like walking on the moon. There is little weight on the joints but the force of the foot must be exerted to resist the water resistance. It gives leg strength. "
Wiwat Salyakamtorn
Former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives