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Step On The Belt,
    Fasten A Belt For Health

Aquatrek creates PoolRun to enhance the efficiency of exercising in the pool by combining the properties of water with a treadmill, resulting in low impact on joints and muscles while promoting balance and movement in the body. PoolRun is an alternative exercise equipment that allows users to exercise with others in the pool while maintaining safety through stationary equipment and handrails for better stability.

Benefit of Water Property


The buoyancy of water helps support the user's weight


Challenging workout and improving strength and endurance

Hydrostatic pressure

Reducing legs and arms swelling and boosts flexibility.


Water is conductor of heat and cool, helping blood circulation and relaxation.

Benefit of Water Property

Incline adjustable

3 level

Storage characteristic



Wheel for moving

Belt size

60 x 103 cm.

Method of use

Install in swimming pool

Benefit of Water Property

Product uses

Benefit of PowerCube

Less stress to the joints by using buoyancy in the water.
stay cool as you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health
Develop muscle strength and endurance by using water resistance and adjustable incline.
improving balance and movement
safe and comfortable for elder

Product overview