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chronic disease, as it leads to other diseases and reduces physical fitness, as well as the loss of postural stability. There are various proven methods for weight loss, but many of them often result in side effects, including musculoskeletal injuries, due to increased joint compression. Conversely, hydrotherapy is beneficial as it utilizes the buoyancy of water to support the body weight, alleviating the burden on muscles and bones and thus reducing joint compression. Therefore, this research aims to analyze the effects of underwater treadmill training (UTT) in 14 male obese aged 18-35 over a six-week period (3 times/week for 25 minutes/session). 

When comparing the results before and after UTT, significant differences were found in various aspects, with a statistical significance level of 95%. These differences included parameters such as BMI, balance during forward body movement (Functional reach test; FRT), waist circumference , and % body fat. This study demonstrates that UTT is an effective method for reducing body fat, enhancing core muscle strength, and improving balance. It emphasizes the benefits of hydrotherapy as a safe and efficient method for managing obesity and enhancing overall physical fitness. Home Product About Us Research&Education Testimonial Contact Us Relavant researh EFFECT OF UNDERWATER TREADMILL TRAINING ON YOUNG OBESE ADULTS  Tushar J. Palekar, et al. (2018)